Cash crunch on the prairie

As much of last year's record crop sits unsold, financially stretched Western Canadian grain farmers are scrambling to secure funding for the coming planting season.Every spring, farmers must pay for seed, fertilizer and other goods to get on with the next cycle of crops. But that's proving difficult for many this year, amid a rail backlog that has prevented much of last year's crop from getting to market and bringing in badly needed cash.   Thursday, April 17, 2014


On a warm evening in late February, on an island just off the coast of eastern Australia, workers started to pour the concrete roof of an enormous liquefied natural gas tank that stretches 90 metres in circumference and rises 10 storeys into the sky.   Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why Canada's tech companies fail

Canada has few world-class technology companies such as BlackBerry Ltd., the company's founder says, not because Canadian entrepreneurs lack ''fire in the belly'' but because the country is poor at managing intellectual property rights (IPR).   Friday, April 11, 2014

Not as sexy as a helicopter, but new hauler saves cash

Each week, we seek expert advice to help a small or medium-sized business overcome a key issue.In remote regions where mineral exploration companies go, roads might be non-existent. Equipment is usually moved around by helicopter, a very expensive proposition.   Wednesday, April 09, 2014