Cdn. National Railway (CNR-TSX) Close: $84.03, down $1.13Canadian National Railway Co. said it expects double-digit earnings growth in 2015, after reporting a solid end to 2014, prompting analysts to raise their targets. ''This plays into our thesis that CN is evolving into an infrastructure-like name given the consistency in which it returns cash to shareholders,'' said CIBC World Markets analyst Kevin Chiang.   Thursday, January 29, 2015

Greenback's rise hits key earnings, U.S. markets

The surging U.S. dollar is inflicting damage on some of the world's biggest multinationals, sending the Dow to a triple-digit loss and raising fresh doubts about the momentum of sales growth for the year ahead.   Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goldman's dismal loonie forecast suggests there's still time to buy U.S. equities

sbarlow@globeandmail.comGoldman Sachs took a hatchet to their forecast for the Canadian dollar, downgrading the short-, mid- and long-term targets by significant amounts. The three-month target for the loonie was cut to 78 cents (U.S.) from 84 cents and the 12 month outlook to 76 cents from 82 cents. Most alarmingly, the Canadian dollar target for 2017 was slashed to 71 cents from 79 cents - a clear sign that Goldman Sachs doesn't expect a recovery in the loonie any time soon.   Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fund managers split over how long rate cut lift will last

Investors who've been on the fence about whether to sell equities affected by rising interest rates are being rewarded for their patience - or procrastination - after last week's surprise cut from the Bank of Canada.   Tuesday, January 27, 2015