Dear Investor: We need to talk

jheinzl@globeandmail.comRecently, a reader sent me the following e-mail. I'm going to use it as a jumping off point for today's column, because I believe it points to some common investing pitfalls.   Saturday, May 23, 2015

First Quantum aims to raise $1.44-billion

First Quantum Minerals Ltd. plans to raise up to $1.44-billion to expand its mining operations and pay down debt.The Vancouver-based miner is building its large Cobre Panama copper mine at a time when the price of the red metal is weak.   Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why U.S. oil rig counts are about to start rising

sbarlow@globeandmail.comDomestic investors are closely watching the weekly report on U.S. active oil rigs for clues on the future of the commodity price. But the evidence shows that the process actually works in reverse - the oil price predicts the future rig count, not the other way around.   Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goldman's bold call: Oil to drop to $55 in five years

Economic Insight W hat are we to make of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s new, and surprisingly low, oil price forecast?In a fresh report, Goldman predicted that prices for Brent crude, the main international benchmark, will fall to $55 (U.S.) a barrel in 2020. (Monday's price was $66, down 1 per cent.) Its previous forecast was $70. If the forecast proves accurate, a whole lot of high-cost producers, among them the Alberta oil sands, are going to be in a whole lot of pain.   Tuesday, May 19, 2015