Bay Street gains Canadian stocks closed higher, ending the week on a three-day winning streak as energy companies rallied from gains in commodity prices. Notable gainers included Husky Energy, up 6.1 per cent, and Canadian Oil Sands with a 5.8per-cent increase.   Saturday, December 20, 2014

RBC gets bullish on bruised U.S. consumer, energy stocks

dberman@globeandmail.comThe 30 global stock picks from RBC Dominion Securities Inc. sound a bit unwieldy until you realize that they form three big themes for 2015: Get bullish on U.S. consumer stocks, buy beatenup resource producers and prepare for higher U.S. interest rates.   Friday, December 19, 2014

As oil slump filters through economies, commodity-reliant nations need to take stock

Are you filling up the tank or are you buying just enough fuel to get you through the next few days? Are you betting that by the weekend the gas price will have tumbled again? If you are, like me, clutching your wallet as the oil price slides, you are contributing to the deflationary anxiety that is gripping the markets.   Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beware the downside in the pipeline for midstream stocks

The midstream energy sector is a decent place to ride out market volatility, typically. But this is no typical oil slump.Crude benchmarks have been cut nearly in half in six months, over which time Canadian energy stocks as a sector have gone from first to worst on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The energy crash has been all-consuming, engulfing any Canadian stock at all exposed to the oil patch.   Thursday, December 18, 2014