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July 19, 2018 02:01 AM EST
 Stock Alerts 
Set target price, price change, news alerts and more for the stocks in your portfolio.

 Fund Alerts 
Set price, price change, distribution alerts and more.

 Portfolio Alerts 
Set alerts to track the market value of your portfolio.

 News Alerts 
News Alerts automatically notify you when news matching any stock or keyword is published. Be the first to read market-moving news!

Instant Alerts


  1. What are Alerts?
  2. How can I receive Alerts?
  3. What is my e-mail address for my digital cell phone?
  4. How can I test to see whether my digital cell phone can receive alerts?
  5. What are the costs of receiving alerts to my digital cell phone?
  6. Can I have the same type of alert delivered to two different addresses?
  7. How do I turn off my alerts either temporarily or permanently?
  8. I still can't set up my alerts.

TSX DJIA S&P 500 Nasdaq
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Market Chart
S&P/TSX -41.84 16477.40
DJIA +79.40 25199.29
S&P 500 +6.07 2815.62
Nasdaq -.67 7854.44
Venture +4.47 717.58
DJUK +2.07 343.88
DJGER +3.36 417.64
Nikkei n/a n/a
HSeng n/a n/a
DJ Net -.77 657.09
Gold (NY)
Oil (NY) n/a n/a
CRB Index