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March 28, 2017 09:43 AM EST
Once considered by Bombardier to be a promising source of new revenue, relations with the former Soviet republic may be proving to be more costly than they’re worth
4:14 PM
Market Update

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Gordon Pape
Gordon Pape
Military spending should boost this Canadian company
Donald Trump wants to increase military spending to the tune of $54-billion (U.S.), plus he’s putting pressure on all of America’s allies to pull their weight
Rob Carrick
Rob Carrick
Holding cash while you wait for a crash? Here are some options
Timing the market requires some nimbleness
Rob Carrick
Rob Carrick
Avoid financials overload: Watch how you pair up your ETFs
Financials have been spectacular wealth generators over the years, but they’re no more invulnerable to a correction than any other sector
The Contra Guys
The Contra Guys
Why we think this TSX stock we just purchased will double in price
An abundance of deals and patents is enough for us to overlook Wi-LAN Inc.’s many lawsuits
Gordon Pape
Gordon Pape
How bond investors can address the interest-rate dilemma
With rates set to rise and bond prices to fall, these ETFs offer inexpensive ways to build a diversified bond portfolio


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