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Frequently Asked Questions

What are alerts?
Alerts provide information updates on stock, fund, portfolio and news related items. Alerts are triggered by events such as a particular stock price change or a predetermined time event such as market updates which occur three times a day. Alerts can be received by your desktop computer, digital cell phone, two-way pager and/or personal digital assistant (PDA). Alerts notify and update you on the stocks and funds in your portfolio anytime—anywhere.
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How can I receive Alerts?
You can receive alerts on any of the following devices:

  • Desktop Computer (PC): an Internet e-mail address.
  • Digital Cell phone: a digital cell phone with one-way or two-way text message or short messaging service (SMS) capability. To ensure that your cell phone can receive alerts, please contact your cellular service provider. Once you have established that your cell phone can receive text message alerts, you will need to set up your e-mail address for receiving text message alerts. You can receive text message alerts via any of the carriers listed below.
  • Two-way pager, e.g. RIM Blackberry device: e-mail address specific to your device.
  • PDA: desktop e-mail address in most cases. If you have a wireless modem PDA, please use your particular device's e-mail address.
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What is my e-mail address for my digital cell phone?
The following is a list of carriers that offer text messaging in Canada and the format of your digital cell phone e-mail address for receiving text message alerts.  Please note that the address for your cell phone is comprised of your 10 digit phone number including area code without any dashes or spaces and the domain specific to your carrier.

  1. Bell Mobility post paid:

    Bell Mobility prepaid (Solo):

  2. Aliant (NBTel, MTT, NewTel and Island Tel):

  3. Fido:

  4. Rogers AT&T Wireless:

  5. SaskTel Mobility:

  6. TELUS Mobility:
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How can I test to see whether my digital cell phone can receive alerts?
You can verify your digital cell phone's address by using your desktop e-mail program to send a message to your digital cell phone's address.

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What are the costs of receiving alerts on my digital cell phone?
You will be charged a fee for receiving text message alerts to your digital cell phone. Please see your service provider's web site for more details or contact your service provider directly. A typical fee might be 10 cents per text message, although there are many volume pricing packages in Canada.

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Can I have the same type of alert delivered to two different addresses?
Yes. First you must enter your e-mail addresses on the update registration page. When you sign up for specific alerts on the stock, fund, portfolio and/or news alert settings pages, you can indicate if you want the alerts to be sent to your primary address as well as to another address. For instance, you could choose to have a stock alert sent to your PC as well as to your digital cell phone. Please note that there are HTML, long text and short text versions of the same type of alert. The size of the message you will receive will be based on whether the alert is going to a PC, digital cell phone and/or pager.

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How do I turn off my alerts either temporarily or permanently?
You click the on/off button for each specific stock, fund, portfolio or news item on the alert settings pages.

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I still can't set up my alerts.
Please click here for more assistance.

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