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Add/Delete Funds for this Portfolio
About Add/Delete Funds: Use this page to add a new fund or remove existing funds from your portfolio. A list of the funds already added to your portfolio appears in the list towards the bottom of the page under the heading Your Portfolio Contains.

To add a fund(s) to your portfolio please follow these steps:
  1. From your Fund Alert page, please click on Add/Delete Funds for this Portfolio.
  2. From the dropdown menu, please select the portfolio to which you wish to add the new fund and click Go. If you wish to create a new portfolio click on the Create new Portfolio link.
  3. Click on the down arrow to display a pull-down list of fund companies. Move your mouse to highlight your selection, and click Choose.
  4. From the list of funds, please click on the down arrow to select a fund from the fund company you selected in step 3. Highlight your selection and click Add.
  5. To remove a fund, please check the box beside the appropriate fund name and click Remove.
  6. To view the settings for your Fund Alerts, please click on Go to Fund Alert Settings.
Setting Up Alerts

Click an alert type below for instructions on how to set up or edit your alerts.

Fund Alerts: Previous Step | Stock Alerts | Portfolio Alerts | News Alerts

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