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Portfolio Alerts
About Portfolio Alerts: Once you have created a portfolio complete with transactions for funds and/or stocks, you are able to select the Portfolio Alerts you wish to receive from These Portfolio Alerts are triggered by the activity of your entire portfolio.

All alerts will be sent to your primary e-mail address by default. To add or change the e-mail address to which the alerts are delivered please click on Change Email info. You may select to input up to three alternate e-mail addresses.

To set up your Portfolio Alerts on please follow these steps:
  1. From your portfolio list please select the portfolio(s) for which you wish to receive alerts. To do so, please check the box in the On/Off column. You may also create new Portfolios directly from this page by clicking on Create new Portfolio. If you wish to stop receiving alerts for a portfolio, remove the check from the box beside the appropriate portfolio name.
  2. Select the alert(s) you wish to receive by checking the appropriate box(es). Please ensure that you enter any additional information in the required fields.
  3. Click Save Alert Settings. You will receive a confirmation that the alert settings have been saved successfully.

About the Alerts:

Price Change (%)- this alert is triggered if the portfolio market value falls below and/or rises above the specified percentage. The base for the alert is the market value of your portfolio at the time of the alert is creation. The alert is automatically re-enabled after being triggered and the current market value of the portfolio becomes the new base price. This alert is available up to three times a day.

Intraday Price Change (%)- this alert is sent when the portfolio market value has fallen below and/or risen above the specified percentage during a given day. The base price of the first alert is the previous day's closing market value. You may receive a maximum of two alerts per day, one on the upside and one on the downside. The alert is automatically re-enabled after being triggered and the current price becomes the new base price. If the alert is not triggered during the day, it is re-enabled at the end of the day and the base price is re-set to the current business day's close.

Portfolio updates- you may select to receive any of the following updates: daily, weekly or monthly total market value of portfolio alerts. This alert will include the total market value and the change-over-the-period. It also includes a direct link to your portfolio.

Setting Up Alerts

Click an alert type below for instructions on how to set up or edit your alerts.

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