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Fund Trading Activity Report

Fund Trading Activity Rating

Shares Outstanding - The total number of common shares of the stock outstanding.

Fund Ownership - The percentage of common shares owned by mutual funds. It is calculated by dividing the aggregate number of company shares owned by mutual funds by the total shares outstanding and multiplying by 100.

Total # of Funds - The total number of funds that hold shares in the company.

Top 10 Fund Owners - The top 10 mutual fund owners of the stock ranked by % Shares Held are listed.

% of Shares Held - the percentage of the total number of shares of the selected company held by the mutual fund.

% of Fund Assets - the percentage of a mutual fund's assets that are invested in the selected company.

Globefund Rating - The Globefund 5-Star Ratings, based on a system developed by Algorithmics Inc., provide a simple rating for most mutual funds in Canada. Funds are ranked from one to five stars, with the top ranked funds getting five stars and the lowest ranked funds getting one star. Click here for more information.

Date of Portfolio - the date on which the portfolio holdings were reported. The portfolio holdings for each fund can be considered current as of this date. We make every effort to gather the most up-to-date portfolio information from a fund. Older portfolios should not be disregarded completely; although the list may not represent the exact current holdings of the fund, it may still provide a good picture of the overall nature of the fund's management style.

Shares Held - the total number of shares of the stock in question held by the mutual fund.

Trading Status - the action taken by the fund (buy, sell, hold, new buy or closed) in relation to the stock in question during the last reported period.

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