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Our Content Providers


Affinity Systems is a software development company devoted to building software products for its customers. Many of its undertakings include components that involve leveraging recent or emerging technologies. A recurring theme, however, is the goal of producing high quality, innovative software solutions, on time and within budget.

Affinity designed and implemented both the server and client components of the GlobeinvestorGOLD product, including the high-performance quote and alert servers, and the Java-based Tracker applet.

[Assante Advisory Services logo]

Assante Advisory Services is a leading provider of integrated wealth and life management services. Assante takes a multidisciplinary approach to financial planning, investment advice, wealth management, estate and succession planning, insurance and business and sports management services.

BCE Emergis

BCE Emergis E-News Services is an electronic news dissemination service which provides simultaneous disclosure for publicly-listed companies and private companies including Investor Relations as well as Public Relations activities. In addition to Disclosure products worldwide, E-News Services offers specialty wires, private e-mail and private fax transmission, photo distribution, Internet development and translation services.

BCE Emergis E-News Services provides news releases to throughout the day.

Business Wire

Founded in 1961 by its president, Lorry I. Lokey, Business Wire electronically disseminates full-text news releases simultaneously to more than 60 international and national newswires, financial information providers and web-based news services throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. With content from more than 34,000 organizations, including major U.S. corporations, Fortune 1000 and NASDAQ companies, Business Wire remains the fastest-growing and largest independent commercial newswire in the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, Business Wire has 26 offices in the US, locations in Frankfurt, London and Brussels, and reciprocal offices worldwide.

Business Wire provides news releases to throughout the day.

CANNEX - Simply reliable data(TM)

Since 1983, CANNEX has been tracking interest rates and calculation values for the products and services offered by financial institutions in Canada


Marketwired is a social communications leader offering best-in-class news distribution and reporting, as well as state-of-the-art social media monitoring and analytics. We put the power of influence to work for our clients—helping them tune into the conversations that count, find insights that matter, and reach the right people.

Marketwired provides news releases to throughout the day.


Canada NewsWire is a Canadian news release service that helps clients implement successful communications programs. Since 1960, CNW has served the media and financial community through an integrated multi-technology approach, including wire, broadcast fax, satellite, radio and television, e-mail and Internet. CNW's network reaches local, national, and global audiences in the media, financial and Internet communities, and other key stakeholders as required.

Canada NewsWire provides news releases to throughout the day. - FINANCIAL TOOLS creates complete and compelling financial applications for almost any financial website. Their financial calculators and content educate, entertain and enhance your website.'s customers include Credit Unions, Accounting firms, Banks, Financial Websites, Stock Analysis Web-Sites, Mutual funds and Brokerage firms.

Dow Jones - publishers of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Dow Jones News is the most advanced source of electronic, real-time news for global market professionals, combining the financial and economic reporting expertise of Dow Jones with the political and general news expertise of the Associated Press. Only Dow Jones Newswires provides this unique package of combined editorial resource, giving our readers access to the greatest number of journalists in the largest number of news bureaus worldwide.

Excellence in Financial Management - Best Practices in Business Finance

Excellence in Financial Management is the brain-child of Matt H. Evans, an independent consultant who specializes in business finance. The site is rich with resources, ranging from free spreadsheets to free shareware programs. The real jewels of the site are a series of short courses, located in the Training Center. Here you will find some of the best thinking in business finance. If you are a CFO, CEO, or just someone wanting to learn more about business finance, Excellence in Financial Management is the definitive resource.

Filing Services Canada

Filing Services Canada Inc. (FSC) founded in 1998, is a Canadian news release service provider. Integrating today's technology into newswire dissemination has helped to reduce costs and allows FSC to approach newswire dissemination from a cost competitive, flat rate pricing structure. FSC employs high-end technology and systems in order to submit to hundreds of thousands of brokerage terminals, financial media websites and other Internet communities. Locally, or globally, FSC can meet all of your newswire dissemination needs. FSC is also fully recognized and approved as a SEDAR® and EDGAR® filing agent.


As one of Canada's premier news and information disseminators, GlobeNewsWire has set "The New Standard" in delivering critical business news to comprehensive networks that are fully recognized by all Stock Exchanges and Securities Commissions within Canada. Through GlobeNewsWire's proprietary Press Release Dissemination System (PRDS), information is received by thousands of brokers, analysts and media across Canada, the United States and worldwide. Founded in 1995, GlobeNewsWire employs a proprietary communication mix that integrates e-mail, fax, and voice broadcast technology to create the most powerful, cost-effective communication and information solutions. E-casting®, Voicecasting), and Certified Disclosure® are Registered Trademarks of the Company.

KeyStone Financial PUBLISHING CORP.

KeyStone Financial Publishing Corp. (KeyStone) is an independent financial research firm which specializes in uncovering profitable high growth public companies. In addition to discovering value in the Canadian market, KeyStone specializes in identifying companies, which have yet to garner significant attention from the broader market. Our firm has been publishing equity research since 1998, and has been recognized as a solid source of independent analysis in the Globe and Mail, National Post, Vancouver Province, Calgary Herald, and on widely recognized financial programs such as Money Talks with Michael Campbell and ROBTv.

In addition, through its wholly-owned division,, KeyStone publishes Canadian Financial Educational tools and information. is a fully independent Canadian financial community. MyFinancialSite is one of the largest educational based personal financial sites in Canada. The site boasts the largest interactive financial learning center along with over 70 specific financial tools, and over 20,000 individual stock, bond, fund, and money forums.

NAQ Inc.

NAQ Inc. is a leading Market Data Vendor. Launching a new state of the art Ticker Plant in March 2001, NAQ is processing all North American feeds direct from Exchange trading floors. NAQ provides both streaming and snapshot feeds for both Real Time and Delayed uses to Institutional, Corporate and Retail investors.


Founded in 1844, The Globe and Mail is Canada's national newspaper, published six days a week. The Globe's Report on Business includes insight on money and markets in Canada and abroad plus investment news. In 1985, The Globe and Mail entered the consumer magazine field with the publication of Report on Business Magazine, and in 1977 became the first newspaper in the world to publish electronically and in print on the same day.

Business and investment news from The Globe and Mail for the past seven days is available through in addition to fundamental financial data on Canadian public companies from the Report on Business Corporate Database.

Investor Learning Centre of Canada

The Investor Learning Centre of Canada (ILC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing independent investment information to Canadians. It was established in 1996 by the Canadian Securities Institute, the national educator for the securities industry.

The Investor Learning Centre provides a glossary of financial terms which is part of the resource section of

investorwords -

InvestorWords is a comprehensive financial glossary with over 6,000 definitions and 15,000 links between related terms. It is one of the most complete, current and easy-to-use financial tools available anywhere, online or off.

The glossary is located at InvestorWords' Web site and on partner sites such as


The Ontario Securities Commission administers and enforces securities legislation in the Province of Ontario. Our mandate is to protect investors from unfair improper and fraudulent practices, foster fair and efficient capital markets and maintain public and investor confidence in the integrity of those markets.


Oracle Corp. is a large software company and the provider of state-of-the-art global e-business solutions for Internet commerce and Web-based applications. The company offers its Internet platform, tools, and Internet-enabled applications, along with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 145 countries around the world.

Oracle provides database software that manages all the financial data housed by, and produces the multitude of customized reports.


PR Newswire is a leading distributor of electronic news releases directly from companies, institutions and agencies through its wire, fax, satellite, e-mail and Internet network. PR Newswire was founded in 1954 to provide a new and improved way for public relations and investor relations practitioners to transmit their news releases.

PR Newswire provides news releases to throughout the day.


Procase Consulting Inc is an Oracle solutions provider specializing in building e-business applications and Web sites, implementing Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, and developing custom client/server systems.

Procase designed the database that powers and wrote the software that produces the dynamically generated Web pages.

Real Time Traders

RealTimeTraders is designed to provide all the necessary information and tools that traders and investors need to make consistent profitable investment decisions. understands that an average trader or investor does not have the time or the resources to sort through technical, fundamental, news, and special events to find the best investment opportunities in today's fast pace markets. We are living in a information age, and information is power. The person who has access to the most timely information can translate that information into profitable investment opportunities.

Report on Business Television

Report on Business Television is Canada's only network devoted to business, finance and economics. The network specializes in providing viewers with company profiles, newsmaker interviews and coverage of global makets from a Canadian perspective. Report on Business Television is the only televisioin service offering real time market data for the TSE, NYSE and NASDAQ.

Sun microsystems - We're the dot in .com(TM)

Sun Microsystems, Inc (Nasdaq: SUNW) is a provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that allow companies worldwide to ".com" their businesses. Sun can be found in more than 170 countries around the world.

Sun Microsystems, provides the hardware that powers


Verity Inc. develops knowledge retrieval solutions by turning unstructured text-intensive information into usable and shareable knowledge. Verity's products and services include market intelligence, project management, risk management, messaging and briefing, trading, cutomer care, and R&D management.

Verity software provides news search capabilities to


Zacks is a full service quantitative research firm, offering a suite of products designed to provide analysts, corporate investors, brokers, and individual investors with the tools they need to assist in their equity decision-making processes. From data feeds to equity models to research software to Internet applications, Zacks products help to improve performance, save time and effectively allocate resources.

Zacks provides the data for U.S.-based companies found on Company Snapshot pages and the Financial Reports pages.

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