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What do I get when I subscribe to GlobePlus?

What do I get when I subscribe to GlobePlus?

As a GlobePlus subscriber, you get access to all the exclusive commentary and interactive tools, including GOLD Tracker our multi-media browser with streaming market data, on the site. You even get access to over 25 different types of alerts delivered instantly to your desktop, wireless device or GOLD Tracker.

You can pay for your subscription on a monthly basis. You'll get all the features of GlobePlus for $19.99 per month*.

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.

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How do I pay for my Monthly subscription?

Monthly Subscription

The minimum GlobePlus subscription term is one month and is automatically renewed on a month to month basis until you cancel the service. Charges are processed to your credit card on your monthly billing date. Your monthly billing date is the day of the month when you created your account (for example, if you created your account on the 6th of the month, your billing date will be on the 6th of each month).

You can cancel your subscription at any time and your subscription will end the day before your next monthly anniversary date. No refund is issued for canceled monthly memberships.

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How do I get access to streaming real time quotes? What are exchange fees?

GlobeinvestorGOLD offers you a choice of real-time quotes packages:

Monthly Real-Time Quotes Subscription (Level I)

Get all the features of, plus real time quotes for just $29.95 per month plus exchange fees.

Monthly Real-Time Quotes with (Level I and II) Subscription
Get all of the features of GlobeinvestorGOLD, plus streaming real time quotes and TSX Market-by-Price, TSX Venture Market-by-Price and/or Nasdaq Level II for just $39.95 per month plus exchange fees.

The real-time quotes package is available to Canadian or U.S./overseas non-professionals only.

When you subscribe to receive real-time data, the individual stock exchanges charge for the right to receive this data in real-time. You can choose to receive real-time quotes from all the exchanges or select individual exchanges.

Exchange fees are billed on a calendar month basis. Due to exchange regulations, the full exchange fee for a month is changed even if you subscribe to a specific exchange on the last day of the month or cancel your subscription in mid-month.

Exchange Fees for Canadian Non-Professional Subscribers*
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) $6.00
Toronto Stock Exchange Market-by-Price (Level II)
(Toronto Stock Exchange Market-by-Price requires Toronto Stock Exchange real-time)
TSX Venture Exchange (formerly CDNX) $25.00
TSX Venture Exchange Market-by-Price (Level II)
(TSX Venture Exchange Market-by-Price requires TSX Venture real-time)
Montreal Exchange (BdM) $6.00
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) $1.50
Nasdaq Level I $1.50
Nasdaq Level II
(Nasdaq Level II requires Nasdaq Level I)
American Stock Exchange (AMEX) $1.50
Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) $1.50

* All fees in Canadian dollars

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