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Online Help: Company Financials

About Company Financials: Company Financials include annual and quarterly balance sheets and income statements, annual cash flow statements and annual ratios for over 9,000 North American companies. You can compare the most recent financials for up to five companies on a single page. Data is updated daily. Generally, clicking on an underlined company name or the  Company Snapshot icon anywhere on the site will return a snapshot of the company. From the snapshot you can access all other company financials reports. Bell Globemedia Interactive supplies corporate data for Canadian companies. Zacks supplies corporate data for U.S. companies.

Company Financials Reports

Company Snapshot: Company Snapshots provide a brief description of thousands of publicly traded companies based in Canada and the United States, including a description of the company's area(s) of concentration and its main sources of revenue, its annual financials, contact information, industry competitors and key corporate personnel.

Annual and Quarterly Balance Sheets: The balance sheet shows a company's financial position on a specific date, including a breakdown of the company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity. Balance sheets for the five most recent periods are displayed.

Annual and Quarterly Income Statements: The proof of a company's financial strength is earnings power: how much and how consistently it earns. The income statement shows how much revenue a company received and the expenses it incurred during a period. Income statements for the five most recent periods are displayed.

Annual Cash Flow Statement: The cash flow statement shows the company's operating, financing and investing activities for a period. Cash flow assists investors in assessing the company's ability to generate cash internally, to repay debts, to reinvest and to pay dividends. Cash flow statements for the five most recent periods are displayed.

Annual Ratios: This report displays a number of ratios, including per share indicators, performance indicators, financial indicators and growth indicators. Ratios for the five most recent periods are displayed for trend analysis.

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