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System Requirements

This site is built to support the most commonly-used browsers; as a result, in time, less common browsers and systems may no longer be supported, including those currently listed below. Note: GOLD Tracker is a Web-based streaming quote and video application with GlobeinvestorGOLD that has distinct requirements from the rest of the website.

Here are some suggested browser settings to help you get the most out of this site:

Platform Browser Version GOLD Tracker Requirements Comments
Windows XP, Vista and 7 Internet Explorer 8 and above
Firefox 15 and above
You may need to install the latest version of Sun Java JRE JavaScript, Java and cookies should be enabled in your browser.
The latest Flash plug-in should be installed.
Safari for Windows
Google Chrome for Windows
Sorry, GOLD Tracker does not currently support these browsers.
Mac OS 10.5 and higher Safari 5 and above
Firefox 15 and above
Sorry, GOLD Tracker does not run on Mac OS. JavaScript, Java and cookies should be enabled in your browser.
The latest Flash plug-in should be installed.


In order to take advantage of this website's advanced features, like the GOLD Tracker, you must have Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Compatible with all major operating systems, this free software will allow you to watch Report on Business Television live on the Internet during our webcasting hours, and will allow you to view all available archived video. Supported versions: Windows Media Player 11 or higher. For more help with video, check our Video Frequently Asked Questions

Connection Speed

The faster your Internet connection, the better the site performance will appear. Dial-up connections are supported for all but the GOLD Tracker, but keep in mind that if our pages pass through a slow connection en route to you, the pages may load slowly. The GOLD Tracker requires a high-speed connection for both uploads and downloads (this typically rules out satellite connections).

Monitor Resolution

The site has been designed to be viewed in full colour, a minimum resolution of 800 600 pixels.

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