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GOLD Tracker

What is GOLD Tracker? It's a customizable window that provides:

  • Streaming news releases
  • Streaming stock quotes, options quotes and chains, charts, and market indices (real time or delayed)
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Instant stock, portfolio and news alerts
  • Live and archived BNN videos

How Does it Work?

GOLD Tracker allows you to decide what type of information you want to see and how you want to see it. Within each section of GOLD Tracker you can select the data that is most important at any particular time.

The upper left and right sections provide tabs that can be used to choose between Portfolios, Market News, Indices and BNN. When you click on a tab in one area that section of GOLD Tracker changes to display the data you have chosen. In the bottom half of Gold Tracker you can enter a specific stock symbol and view detailed stock quote information and charts, or you can view Alerts or one of your Portfolios.

One of the unique features of GOLD Tracker is the ability to view any of the three panels in a separate window. Simply click on Detach in the upper right corner of the particular section.


You can view, create, and edit portfolios in the same way that you do in the My Portfolio section of GlobeInvestorGold. Within a portfolio window you can move a stock to the top of the list by clicking on the UP arrow icon to the far right of the stock symbol. (Note: Any change made to a portfolio within GOLD Tracker will also cause the same change to occur in My Portfolio.)


Among the options in the lower panel is a Ticker. This will display a scrolling ticker across the bottom of the Tracker window. You can click on any stock symbol as it scrolls by and have the current quote and chart displayed. You can edit the items in the Ticker by selecting Edit to the left of the Ticker and changing the symbol list. You can also change the speed of the ticker my clicking on the arrow to the left of the Ticker.

System Requirements

GOLD Tracker will run on Windows-based PCs with Internet Explorer 4.x or higher, or Netscape 4.08 or higher. (Currently, we do not support Netscape 6.x or higher, Macintosh computers or WebTV/MSN TV.) The Tracker uses Java technology.

The Tracker requires a high-speed Internet connection and we recommend that your computer have at least 64 Mb of RAM installed.

Slowness may occur when using GOLD Tracker if multiple windows are detached as it uses an increased amount of system resources.

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