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Globe Portfolio - Cash - Transfer Cash In/Out Portfolio Help
Transfer Cash In/Out

About Transfer Cash In/Out: When the Cash Balance feature is enabled, Globe Portfolio automatically adjusts your cash balance whenever you buy or sell securities, when stock dividends are issued, and when fund distributions are not reinvested. You do not need to adjust your cash balance in any of these cases.

Periodically, you may wish to transfer cash into or out of your cash balance. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Globe Portfolio shows the value of your Canadian and U.S. dollar cash balances. Select the balance for which you wish to record the cash transfer from the drop-down list beside Select Currency.
  2. Enter the date of the transfer in the date fields in the format yyyy mm dd.
  3. Under Cash Amount, type the total dollar value of the transfer in the box.
  4. Click either Transfer In or Transfer Out. A screen will appear confirming that the cash transfer has been recorded.
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