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Globe Portfolio - Funds - Stop recurring transactions Portfolio Help
Stop Recurring Buy/Sell

About Stop Recurring Buy/Sell: If you decide to stop making regular purchases or sales of a mutual fund, you need to stop the corresponding recurring buy/sell in Globe Portfolio.

To stop a recurring buy/sell, follow the instructions below.

  1. On the Stop Recurring Buy/Sell page, a list of recurring buys and sells for your portfolio is displayed.
  2. Click in the Stop column beside the recurring buy(s) and/or sell(s) you want to stop. This will display a check mark in the small box.
  3. Click Stop Transaction.

If you forgot to stop a recurring transaction in Globe Portfolio at the same time that you actually stopped your regular fund purchases (or fund sell transactions), you can delete any of the individual buy or sell transactions that Globe Portfolio generated automatically using the View/Edit/Delete Transactions - Funds option on the Portfolio Menu page.

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