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Globe Portfolio - Funds - Record Additional Fee Portfolio Help
Record Additional Fee

About Record Additional Fee: From time to time in the management of your mutual funds, there may be fees or expenses incurred that you would want to account for inside your portfolio. RRSP trustee fees are a good example of this type of fee. This option allows you to track these kinds of mutual fund-related fees in your portfolio.

To record a fee in your portfolio, follow these steps.

  1. Select the fund that the fee will be applied to from the pull-down list.
  2. Enter the date of the transaction in the Date column in the format yyyy mm dd. Because Globe Portfolio does not have daily prices for all funds prior to December 31, 1997,fee transactions cannot be entered for dates preceding December 31, 1997.
  3. In the Amount column, enter the charges related to the transaction.
  4. In the Payment Method column, select From fund units or From cash depending on whether the amount will be deducted from your actual fund investment, or whether the amount will be paid from your cash account.
  5. Click Go. The Confirmation screen will be shown.
  6. If the details are correct, click Confirm this Additional Fee. If you need to make a change or correction, click your Web browser's Back button.

How Additional Fees Affect Portfolio Reports

If you choose the Payment Method of From fund units when adding a fee, market value will decrease (since you have fewer units). Total Cost is not affected.

If you choose the Payment Method of From cash, Total Cost will increase and your cash balance will decrease (if the Cash Balance feature is enabled).

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