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Globe Portfolio - Other Investments - View/Edit/Delete Transactions Portfolio Help
View/Edit/Delete Transactions

About View/Edit/Delete Transactions: The View/Edit/Delete Transactions page shows a list of the transactions for all the other investments in your portfolio and gives you the ability to edit or delete these transactions.

What do you want to do?

  • View transactions
  • Edit transactions
  • Delete transactions

    View transactions
    To limit the report to the transactions for a particular investment, select the investment of interest from the drop-down list beside Select and click Go.

    For each transaction, Globe Portfolio displays the following information:

    Investment Name
    Name of the investment.

    Date of the transaction.

    Total Price
    Number of shares involved in the transaction.

    Unit Price
    Unit price of the investment on the date of the transaction.

    The action associated with a transaction could be any of the following.

    BUY - a buy transaction that you entered

    SELL - a sell transaction that you entered

    VALUE - a user-entered transaction to update the market value of the investment. This type of transaction does not change Units column or the Total Price column.

    INCOME - a user-entered transaction to record income or an expense associated with the asset. This type of transaction does not change Units column.

    Number of units involved in the transaction.

    Market Value
    Unit price per unit on the date of the transaction.

    Dollar amount of income associated with the transaction.

    Dollar amount of any fees or expenses associated with the transaction.

    Total Units
    After completion of the transaction, the total number of units for that asset in the portfolio.

    Edit transactions
    To edit a transaction, follow the instructions below.

    1. The View/Edit/Delete Transaction page contains a list of the transactions for your portfolio starting with the most recent transaction. To edit a transaction, click Edit in the row for the transaction you wish to edit.
    2. Globe Portfolio shows your transaction. Click in any of the fields and make the desired changes.
    3. Click Update. The Confirmation screen will be shown.
    4. If details are correct, click Confirm this Transaction. If you need to make a change or correction, click your Web browser's Back button.

    Delete transactions
    Deleting a transaction should be something you do very infrequently. Once a transaction is deleted, you cannot display or access it again. To delete transaction, follow these steps:

    1. The View/Edit/Delete transaction page contains a list of the transactions for your portfolio starting with the most recent transaction. Click in the Del column beside any transaction(s) you want to delete. This will display a check mark in the small box.
    2. Click Delete Transaction. Globe Portfolio re-displays the screen without the transaction(s) you deleted.
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