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Globe Portfolio - Help - Create Portfolio Portfolio Help
Create Portfolio

About Create Portfolio: Globe Portfolio lets you track any combination of stocks, mutual funds, cash, and other investments (for example, GICs, foreign stocks or real estate). You can create up to 10 separate portfolios per Username. For example, you may want to have one portfolio for your RRSP holdings, another for investments outside your RRSP, and portfolios for different family members. You can even set up mock or "what if" portfolios to try out different investing strategies.

To create a new portfolio, follow these steps.

  1. Type a portfolio name in the box beside Enter Portfolio Name. A portfolio name can be up to 30 characters, and should contain only letters and numbers. Special characters (like $, #, %, ", ', <, >) are not permitted in a portfolio name.
  2. This step is optional. If you do not wish to track your cash balance, skip to step 3. Globe Portfolio's Cash Balance feature allows you to track your cash balance. When you buy or sell securities, Globe Portfolio will automatically adjust your cash balance. To enable tracking of your cash balance:
    1. Click the circle beside Use Cash Balance. You can track a Canadian and/or U.S. dollar cash balance.
    2. Type an opening cash balance in the box beside CDN$ and/or US$.
    3. Enter the date on which that balance occurred in the date fields under As Of.
  3. Click Create.
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