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About Charts: Charts show the price and volume action of a particular security or index over a specified time period. The default chart spans a period of one year. The volume section of each chart displays the daily, weekly or monthly trading volume for the particular security or for the component securities in the index.

Viewing Charts: There are two ways to view charts on the site: by using the Chart Generator; or by linking to a default one-year chart from various pages.

Chart Generator: The Chart Generator lets you:
  • View a stock or index chart for any time period you select (intraday to five years).

  • View a chart plus up to two moving averages -- which can be useful when tracking whether a security or index is trending up or down.

  • View a comparative chart displaying the price movements of up to three securities.

  • View the comparative chart plus up to two moving averages for the primary security or index selected.
The time period options range from intraday (the current or the last trading day) to five years.

During trading hours (weekdays, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.), intraday prices are delayed at least 15 minutes for securities that trade on the Nasdaq Exchange and at least 20 minutes for securities that trade on all other exchanges. Intraday prices are updated continuously throughout the trading day. Prices for all other periods are updated once per day, after 7 p.m. EST each trading day. Percentage returns are calculated based on simple capital appreciation and all prices are adjusted for stock splits.

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