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About Estimate Snapshot: In addition to EPS estimates, the Estimate Snapshots display actual reported EPS for the past four quarters, recommendation revisions and trends, and estimated long-term growth rates for the company and its industry.

The estimates are a result of a consensus from groups of analysts based on their individual preferred financial and economic analysis methods. As each analyst has a preferred method of determining a company's potential, there is no single method or criterion used to determine the results.

Unfortunately, most of underperform or sell advises show up for a short period of time, after which analyst stop covering. The estimates are updated on a random basis, with the latest results posted every Thursday. Not all companies are rated every week.

Analyst Consensus Recommendation:

This is the Recommendations (1.00 Strong Buy - 5.00 Sell) Current Mean. You will also find this information again further below in the table. The Current Mean is the arithmetic mean of all current EPS (earnings per share) estimates received from analysts for the stated time period.

PEG is the Short form for Price to Earnings to Growth Ratio. There's a quick rule of thumb in investing: if the P/E ratio of a stock is equal to or greater than the stock's earnings growth rate, many investors believe the stock is fully valued. For example, if a stock has a P/E ratio of 15 and the earnings growth rate is expected to be 15% over the next five years, then the stock is considered, by many but not all, investors, to be fully valued. What many investors are looking for is a stock that has a P/E which is less than half the growth rate. In the above example that means, if the stock has a P/E of 15% and the growth rate is projected at 30%, then these investors would be excited about it and want to investigate all the other important ratios before investing in the stock.

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