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Globe Stocks Help: Events Calendar

Events Calendar

The events calendar allows for viewing the annual or quarterly earnings-results announcements on a specific date, week or month.

To navigate the calendar, look to the calendar display on the left-hand side. The calendar defaults to the current day, however you can select to view and search by day, week or month. To do so, click on the circle to the left of the option. You can view the current month and up to three months after and three months behind.


You are not required to select a Stocklist or portfolio, or an industry, index or exchange however it will help to narrow down the search list even further. To select which option, click the box or circle to the left of the desired option. You can select a combination of industry, index or exchange however both Stocklist and portfolio cannot be selected together.

Once the desired option(s) have been selected, click on the "Get Results" button. The filter will then run and display the results on the same page.


Below the calendar, you can select from the tabs to view earnings, dividends or splits. The timeframe will correspond to the calendar options selected above. The page will display the earnings by default.

Select the company name to view the Financials-Company Snapshot or the symbol to view the Stock-Price Summary page. Clicking on the "Go" button to the left of the company name will display the full history of earnings announcement dates, dividends and splits.

The latest details will be displayed but other details will be hidden. Click the "+" sign under the "Details" heading to expand the information. To hide the details, click the "-" sign as provided.

On the right hand side, pertinent news items and press releases for the company will be listed. Click on the headline to view the full news story.

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