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About Quotes: Each quote on features the latest price for a particular stock or value for a particular index at a given time. Each quote also includes, among other items, net and percentage price changes, trading volume and the 52-week high and low for the stock or index.

To view a Stock Today or an Index Today quote page, enter a symbol for a stock or index -- followed by its exchange code -- and click Go from either the home page or from a Quotes page.

When entering a symbol, you are encouraged to type in an exchange or an index code in order to isolate a single security or index. The exchange codes are as follows: T-Toronto, X-CDNX, N-New York, A-American, Q-Nasdaq NM, QS-Nasdaq SC, Q2-OTCBB, I-Index.

If you don't enter the exchange code and the symbol trades in both Canada and the United States then a price report will appear containing more than one stock symbol. To view a Stock or Index Today page from any price or financial report on the site, simply click the company's hotlinked symbol.

If you don't know the symbol for the security, but know the name of the company, use the Symbol Lookup tool to locate the symbol and to view a quote.

On the right hand column of each Stock Today and Index Today quote page, a series of links is provided, namely:
  • Charts, a 30-day price history, price reports, and an Add to your Stocklist feature.

  • Stock Today also features news headlines related to the company, access to a snapshot of the company, its price/earnings ratio, earnings per share, and bid and ask information.

  • Instead of news, Index Today features the top five gainers, losers and most active stocks contained in the index. In addition, the quote provides a link to a price report containing the companies within the index and a link to a list of all index members.
During trading hours (weekdays, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.), price quotes are delayed 15 minutes.

Returns calculations across the site reflect all stock splits and are based on simple capital appreciation. Calculations do not include the payment of dividends. Historical percent and net change calculations are updated shortly after the close of the daily markets. In some cases, prices, percent change and net change information may be updated a second time to reflect price corrections made by the exchanges.

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