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 Terms of Service - Help - Enter Symbols Online Help: Enter Symbol(s)

About Enter Symbol(s): Each report page on features an Enter Symbol(s) text box that gives you the option of generating a new report by entering one or more symbols and clicking "Go."

Enter Symbol(s) text box: To view a report for one or more stocks or indexes, enter the symbol(s) followed by a hyphen and an exchange code (e.g.: BCE-T, TSE-I) and click "Go." To find a symbol for a company or an index, click the Symbol Lookup button. When you find each symbol, return to the report screen and type or paste the symbol into the text box.

Exchange Codes: If you don't specify an exchange code after entering a stock or index symbol, our database will match the symbol with its primary exchange usually the TSE in Canada and/or the NYSE or Nasdaq in the United States. For example, if you enter BCE into the text box and click "Go," the system will return a quote or a report for both BCE-T (as traded on the TSE) and BCE-N (as traded on the NYSE). Therefore, to view a quote or report for a particular symbol, enter the symbol followed by a hyphen and an exchange code. The exchange codes are as follows: T-Toronto, M-Montreal, X-Canadian Venture, D-CDN, N-New York, A-American, Q-Nasdaq NM, QS-Nasdaq SC, Q2-OTCBB, I-Index.

Multiple Symbols: To view a report containing up to 30 stocks and/or indexes, simply enter more than one symbol, separated with a space or a comma, and click "Go." Example: BCE-N, TSE-I. The Financial Reports show a single entry for each company you specify. Therefore, entering BCE-N and BCE-T in the Enter Symbol(s) text box on a Key Ratios report will return one entry: BCE. Entering the same symbols on a Price Report -- say, the Price Change ($) report -- will return two entries, one for each symbol.

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