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About Sorting: As a default, each financial or price report is sorted in alphabetical order (A to Z) by company name. To change the sort column or the sort order, click on any hyperlinked column heading. Click on a column heading once to sort the data alphabetically or numerically (highest value down to lowest value) by that column. Click again on the column heading to reverse the sort order (Z to A or lowest value down to highest value).

If you have sorted the data on a Detailed Quote report by, say, percentage change, then the same order will carry over to the Price Change ($) report if you click the Price Change ($) tab to view that report.

The power of the sorting feature becomes evident when you are researching or comparing a variety of securities or indexes, such as on a Personal Stocklist or when viewing the results of an Intraday or Historical Price Filter. The sorting feature on the reports enables you to isolate the best or worst performers on the list, and to do comparative studies based on the various price and financial data available on the reports.

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